The Wonderland

The Wonderland

The Wonderland, set up in 2009, is a creative and strategic (cake fuelled) integrated agency. We’re an all WonderGirl team, yes all girls, quite unique within the industry – we even have a female Creative Director, which is almost unheard of.

With over 25 years of agency and client side experience, we specialise in creating well thought out customer journeys, from digital campaigns and brand building through to direct response marketing, social media and all things creative.

We’re in our 9th year and most of our new business comes through recommendation. We’re proud to say a big chunk of our revenue comes from outside the UK – so we export our services too!

We’ve won two big awards for effectiveness, with our latest being a Recommended Agency Award (RAR). Not to mention other nominations we’ve had for strategic thinking and client services…all these voted for by very own clients!